Mt. Gox Is Selling The Bitcoin Trademark

MtGox operator set to sell Bitcoin trademarks

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I was buying a bitcoin domain name and saw Mtgox put a trademark on it.

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MtGox operator set to sell Bitcoin trademarks

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MtGox operator looks to sell Bitcoin trademarks

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MtGox ( Tibanne ) Claims Bitcoin.London Domain with Trademark ( Bitcoin )

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MtGox operator set to sell Bitcoin trademarks

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MtGox ( Tibanne ) Claims Bitcoin.London Domain with Trademark ( Bitcoin ) | The Bitcoin News

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Bitcoin Paranoid removes MtGox on update 2.1.3

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Bitcoin sign rejected by the Unicode Consortium (2011)

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My view for the worst, better, best case scenario

Even with current straight bankruptcy (hasan) trustee can address the court based on finance analysis and cuncil for new evaluations of intangible assets(btc) due to price violity and significant asset value increase after inital btc value evaluation, what if approved, with current straight bankrupty btc+forks must be sold to pay all creditors with updated and new evaluated claims. On another hand, only if CR and plan is approved, these btc and forks can be distributed unexchanged (unliquidated) to the creditors.
All asset whatever tangible or not is liquidated only to the certain point to get liquid asset (funds) to pay all creditors. When that is done, bankruptcy is completed and court/trustee authority stops. Any remaining asset remain as asset what company can use to resume busines or whatever they choose. Ordinary, in bankruptcy liquidation, all asset in full had to be liquidated, because creditors claims are much higher then company assets worth. Its liqidated in full only if asset can't be sold partialy and there is no other assets to be liquidated. However, in MtGox bankruptcy things has changed, untangible asset are now worth much more then total of approved creditors claims and if claims stays with current evaluation, asset will be liquidated only to the funds worth what equal all total approved creditor claims, nothing more! Update: under bankruptcy (hasan) corporation has to be dissolved what after distribution of all creditors has been made and Court bankruptcy termination order , dissolution esentualy cause all remaining asset liquidation and surplus sent to the shareholders - Tibanne and then Mark Karpeles.
Worst case scenario: The Court settle all creditors claim with current evaluated btc (483$) +fiat+interst coverted and paid as JPY where only enough intangible assets (btc) are liquidated (sold) to settle all creditors (what are almost already done), what makes bunkruptcy completed and reamining 165k btc and forks remain as Mtgox intangible asset where they can do whatever they want, liquidate and pay dividends, trade with btc, invest in other projects etc (bankruptcy is over, no obligation or liabilities to MtGox creditors). (Unfortunetly, in my opinion, this will most likely be the case. Read edit at the end of the OP).
Update: under bankruptcy (hasan) corporation has to be dissolved what after distribution of all creditors has been made and Court bankruptcy termination order , dissolution esentualy cause all remaining asset liquidation and surplus sent to the shareholders - Tibanne and then Mark Karpeles.
Better scenario: If some miracle (never) happens the Court accept new btc evaluation, but then these to be paid as JPY, all (or better to say) suficient remaining btc need to be sold(liquidate) to settle new evaluated creditor claims and question is how much liquid asset (funds) creditors would receive due crushing the btc price. Eventual btc+forks surplus(°) what would be quite lower then in worst case scenario, would remain as intangible MtGox asset where corporation can do whatever they want - bankruptcy is completed. (°(eventual btc+forks surplus would depend on new btc price evaluation for creditor claims and difference in new total claimed sum vs. funds JPY what trustee get from actual btc liquidation). Update: corporate dissolution aplies here too, just much less funds to be sent to the shareholders.
Best scenario: (Low probability, read edit at end of the OP) Civil rehabilitation under supervision with approved plan where creditors can claim all remaining btc+ forks unexchanged (not liquidated) + what is already been liquidated.
In this case, if plan is approved we would get 100% our current claim. We need to divide total claimed JPY sum with 50.058JPY (btc 483$) to get how much that is as btc base and on that result add aprox 17% of btc/bcc distributed as btc/bcc. Percentage (17%) might be lower, depend on ther lawsuit and non mtgox users creditor claims. Example of the best case scenario: Current approved claim. Rates to JPY (2014) BTC= 50,058.12 JPY; US$ = 1USD=103.64 JPY Currency US$ balance = 1,200$= approved sum JPY=124,368. Bitcoin balance = 14btc = approved JPY = 700,813.68 124,368+700,813.68 =825,181.68 JPY total of approved creditor claim/ that is sum what creditor receive 100% sum (liquid funds almost available, to be distributed as JPY). 825,181.68/50,058.12=> 16.48 BTC base: 16.48x17%=> 2.80 BTC and 2.80 BCC to return as cryptocurrency. Sumarise: Creditor receive 825,181.68 JPY and 2.80 btc and 2.80 bcc. That would be max return. Same calculation is aplied if creditor had only btc balances, only any currency (fiat) or both currency(fiat) and btc. Both fiat or currency mean: USD, EUR, GBP, JPY etc.
Iam not sure what that actual CR and plan are in the "best case scenario" as I have no details. We actually need sort of "better case scenario" just without required to liquidate remaining btc+forks and to be distributed as intangible asset (btc+forks). Beside, its Trustee duty to look best interest of all creditors, but for bankrupt company as well, what might cause conflict. Its defenetelly hard and complex situation, for all parties.
Questionable is whatever liquidated intangible asset (btc) under bankruptcy (straight or CR) are subjected to the capital gain (not dividend) and approprate income tax what would cause lower(dilution) funds distribution. However, in that case question is how would be regarded our creditor claims i.e. deductable as intangible asset value entry? Capital gain/profit- loss - deductable - expense=> corporate gross income - tax=> net income. So actually, from what I know from accounting practise, paid funds for evaluated claims would be asset (btc) "in value" while liquidated asset "out value" so actual capital gain net from btc are: difference in paid claims minus actal liquidation value! Beside, that "net capital gain" are not actually "net gain" as there are minus from other deductable sums and only when they are substracted make net income before corporate income tax! It maight be discharged, but I doubt it. Only liquidated untangible asset (btc) are regarded as corporation capital gain/profit, its not corporation dividends. Its conflicted situation because MtGox did not bought these btc, nor mined them, nor gifted, nor received as Mtgox investment and they were never corporation assets. Control of btc as intangible assets does not always equal propietorship (if there are contract or mutual agreement), but it will be (are) if not chalanged and Iam not sure on what grounds are we creditors then (unless corporation addmited debt/liability, but then again on what terms and conditions or user agreement these btc have been received?). Regardless, Trustee must have profesional finance advisoaccountant.
Some examples of intangible assets: patents, trademarks, franchises, goodwill, copyrights, Internet domain names, performance events, licensing agreements, service contracts, computer software, blueprints, manuscripts, joint ventures, medical records, permits, and trade secrets and many more. When MtGox were alive, such intangible asset doesn't enter finance balance sheet neither as asset value or liability value. It would if MtGox exchanged them (trade) for his account with buy/sell price. MtGox when alive these btc just had to record in secundary books as btc +/- held analiticaly for each user. Under bankruptcy proceedings, such a intangible assets as bitcoin is very hard to assest (evaluate), usualy trustee waits until last minute bankrupt company to liquidate them or best bid (°) and to update btc evaluation value what prior were blank, in order creditors get as much as possible. In our case, trustee did not do that and I have not found anything what would make him to evaluate at start of the filling the claims. (°)Actually I think, in case of public auction certain restriction might apply, certain party can't bid (I might be wrong).
However, not all asset are in the same category. In my country, bitcoin is regarded as financial asset, it does not matter is it tangible or not. If I as a person or the company make money from trading internet domains, it would be regarded as income subject to the tax. But if I as a person (not company) make money from exchanging certain personal financial assets, btc, any currency, diamonds, gemstone, gold and earn (dividends and interest excluded) from the positive rate difference, it would not be income subjected to income tax. But in same situation, company would be subjected to the taxes. Capital gain has two separate catogory, dividends what is profit on top of asset (asset reamin) and capital gain from the trade of asset, where one asset is exchanged to another asset and profit is from the rate difference, which can be either positive either negative.
There was a lawsuit against bankrupt Mtgox where user requested full btc refund what were denied with this explanation:
Presiding Judge Masumi Kurachi said the Civil Code envisages proprietorship for tangible entities that occupy space and allow for exclusive control over them. The judge said it is evident bitcoins do not possess the properties of tangible entities...
Basicly that mean, bitcoin is intangible where envisaged proprietorship can't be claimed as they are not phisical in nature and because Mtgox had exclusive control!(based on Japan civil code btw what is 120 years old (°), but what about corrporation/commerce law?) Beside, whatever is exclusive control of said bitcoin (intangible asset) depend on mutual contract, user agreement, term and conditions. Regardless, it was right Court call in this case, they just couldn't return full btc holdings, no chance whasoever, it would be a nightmire for the rest of users who doesn't follow his step, but if he accepted loss of aprox 3/4 btc and wanted only remaining 1/4 rulling might be different.
(°) The National Diet approved significant amendment to the Civil Code in May 2017 to update the Civil Code which is approximately 120 years old. Some general rules and many provisions regarding contracts were amended. The amended Civil Code will be enacted sometime before June 2020.
Edit: Our btc and any other currency balances held at MtGox with 2014 market value is our claim against mtgox all assets. BTC belong to the Mtgox -we creditors only claim that debt. Even these BTC are sold at higher rate then 2014. this just make raise in value of the mtgox liquid financial asset (while intangible asset btc exit books), but doesn't automaticly raise mtgox debts to us! Debt stays as is. According to the mtgoxlegal lawyer, new claim evaluation is not possible and I agree. Then how we the creditors, even in CR will be able to claim the btc as they dont belong to us as btc, but only current debt? Its like we sold our btc at 2014. at 483$ to the Mtgox who never paid us and that value we claim now within our claims. Try to imagine how btc dont exist or it exist but with same rate in 2018 as in 2014. We would be in the same situation if JPY rate against all other currency went to the roof, but btc are still at around 500$. Like its not in 2014, 1usd=103 JPY, but let say in 2018, 1usd=100,000 JPY, our claims would still reflect 2014 rates (even in CR) btc are not different. Even if CR reopen the window for filling claims and evaluation of the ALL claims, it would be at 2014. market rates!
I have a idea where we could get something over our current claims, but still brainstorming and many users won't like it as that is not what they expect to get. I think we are fucked - worst case scenario. Even if someone try to sue based on btc balances once held at Mtgox, it would fail. It might be different case, if Mark(•) said before bankruptcy, hey, these btc never belonged to the Mtgox, return what is left after audit to the mtgox users and then start bankruptcy to try get what went missing from real owned mtgox asset, what is not much and beside, I think bankruptcy would be terminated on grounds how mtgox asset can't even cover administrative creditors who have priority, let alone other creditors. (•) (All three insolvency proceedings can be filed either voluntarily or involuntarily. Generally, no one, including a debtor or any of its creditors, is obligated to file a petition to commence insolvency proceedings under Japanese law.).
50k JPY per bitcoin from creditors approved claim from 2014. is not binding because of Mtgox online claim system state it (or offline claim signiture), but its final and binding based on the Japan Bankruptcy Act court rulling and applicible as binding contractual Agreement in any other Japan proceeding, or eglible laws, Civil Rehabilitation included. Beside, that is only one reason, other reason is how Mtgox is in the bankruptcy proceeding since 2014. its never completed, eventual civil rehabilitation is only transition and if it ever commence, Mtgox is still under rehabilitation Act where for creditors claim total on 2014 rates total nothing change, but can increase distribution from the debtor profits max 100% claim total value (Mtgox has already enough funds or asset to sell to cover 100% payout). Third reason is how Mtgox users are regarded as last class unprotected non-priority creditors. And more reasons, but you get the picture! There is not much difference for the last class of creditors (Mtgox users) between liquidation or civil rehabilitation.
Due to Mtgox terms of use and accounting, Mtgox users are something as unsecured none-priority trade creditors without right to retain proprietorship of sold/bought, but unpaid btc (goods) until actual user withdraw. Real IN and OUT for both fiat and bitcoin with Mtgox are deposits and withdraw, trading are all just virtual balancing and Mtgox is in bankruptcy since 2014. without activity for creditors in regard on this IN and OUT (or trade). Otherwise, if we had legal grounds to get Mtgox btc asset surplus, we would get portion of non-stolen bitcoin back long time ago either outside of bankruptcy or within as separate satisfaction and with that portion btc back, would be able to claim damages for the missing bitcoins.
Anybody can (sponsor) buy MtGox capital (surplus included) and negotiate ~2000-3000$ per bitcoin where sponsor would need ~400-500M$ fresh capital (to take surplus and liabilities) and for that need civil rehabilitation, but nothing change for the creditor claims value (50k JPY/BTC), sponsor is still obligated only creditors claim total value and when settled, sponsor can use surplus free, fresh as their choice. If sponsor is a (group) of creditors, from that ~400-500M$ their claim total on 2014 rates is deducted. Bitcoins balances can't be segretated, otherwise creditors would have it long time ago.
Be careful who use you (creditor) to send umbiguous letters to their lawyers, surveys, without really knowing concrete and detailed plan and what is creditor benefit and how and on what legal grounds they plan to achive it, don't accept diplomatic responses! If somebody want to be a sponsor, I accept it, its a busines, but if nothing change to my creditor claim value with concrete plan how to achive it, it would just further delay distribution! Then its sponsor benefit, not ALL creditors benefit, even though might look like it! Read Bankruptcy and Rehabitilation Acts to learn about trustee duties and responsibilities and how Mtgox trustee have no say in this, trustee only follow court issued order.
Its not only this binding claim value a problem! If we had legal grounds on surplus btc assets, we would be secured creditors and would get portion of non-stolen bitcoin back long time ago either outside of bankruptcy or within, as separate satisfaction and with that portion btc back, would be able to claim damages for the missing bitcoins. I just don't understand people who spent $100k-200k for lawyers blind trust where lawyers just ensure them to think how CR somehow make Mtgox users what are last unsecured non-prority class of creditors into secured creditors with preserved propetorship of Mtgox bitcoin balances, who can claim bitcoin seperatelly either as btc or liquidated value and who could not claim that in the bankruptcy liquidation, but somehow magically in Civil Rehabilitation they can! Based on what legal grounds? Group lawyer told them how would need an court precedent in order creditors get above of 2014 rates claim value!? Precedent? If Mtgox users had agreemant what state how all balances (btc and fiat) are preserved propietorship until user withdraw, we would have aprox 1/4 btc long time ago and no precedent is required for that, (I could tell them this for free).
MtGox case were true Caveat Emptor. Finally, we all bought and sold bitcoin what was not actually fully unspent at Mtgox bitcoin wallets and users monetary balances did not reflect fully MtGox bank account balances.
04/22. I tried to discuss at mtgoxlegal group about counter-arguments what would overturn this major problems in order to help group lawyers, even we end up with nothing, but many misunderstund and bombarded me with questions to defend this and insulted me personaly, because some are ignorant, arrogant, rude, on ego trip and missed the the point how I must post problems first in order to discuss about valid arguments to overturn it, otherwise they would not understand what I talk about. They asked me even to prove it??? Imagine ignorance! Creditor situation is already funded within Japan bankruptcy and Rehabilitation Acts, Civil and Corporate Code, but I have to prove it to them! OMG, that all I can say on that. Wrong group to discuss obviously!
Even by some magic CR commence (if Tibanne appeal fail), it does not mean creditors get anything above of already approved claim total based on 2014 rates, unless Mtgox trustee state it so and rehabitilation plan is confirmed within 5 months after commencement.
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Abusive Bitcoin Trademark Registrations

There was a Reddit post a couple of days before about someone registering "Bitcoin" as a trademark and sending a cease and desist letter.
That particular trademark was registered in the UK, dated 13 April 2018. It covers class 25 (clothing), class 32 (beverages) and class 33 (wine).
A search for EU trademarks shows more results.
One is the trademark originally filed in 2011 by MtGox and now owned by the Japanese exchange "Bitflyer". This trademark covers: Software for commerce over a global communications network. Electronic commerce services, namely providing information about products via telecommunication networks for advertising and sales purposes. Signal transmission for electronic commerce via telecommunication systems and data communication systems. Constructing an internet platform for electronic commerce.
Another recent example is a trademark "Bitcoin" registered on April 4th of this year for group 30, which is for all sorts of candy.
In contrast, if you search with "Google" or "Coca-Cola", you will find no trademarks registered by third parties for clothing or wine.
That's because if anyone attempts to register such a trademark, Google or Coca-Cola will oppose the registration and stop it under Article 8 Paragraph 5 of the trademark Regulation 2017/1001. This prevents registration of a trademark that is identical to another trademark that "has a reputation in the Union".
There are two reasons for this.
One is that it would be unfair to Google if anybody could just go ahead and dilute their trademark.
The other is that it would be unfair to give anyone an exclusive right to a valuable name when they had no part in the effort to create the value in the first place.
With Bitcoin, the first aspect doesn't come into play. By design, there is no entity like Google owning the name Bitcoin. That also means that there is nobody who can oppose registration of a "Bitcoin" trademark for candy.
But the second aspect is valid with Bitcoin as well. The German company Katjes, which has registered the Bitcoin candy EU trademark, had no part in the effort needed to develop Bitcoin to a $125 billion marketcap at the time of this writing. They are free-riding on the efforts of others.
Which would not be a big problem if they didn't attempt to create an exclusive right for themselves. This is not possible with copyright. The open source license Bitcoin is built on makes sure that no one involved can claim any exclusive copyright on Bitcoin software. It is also not possible with patents. If you try to patent the concept of "proof of work", you should be blocked from doing so by the simple fact that this concept is public knowledge since January 3rd 2009.
I think there should some way to stop people from registering copyrights for Bitcoin candy and free-riding on the good will created by others.
But I don't see any such way in the existing Regulation.
The closest parallel I could find would be the absolute ground for registration refusal in Article 7 Paragraph 1 (h), which stops people from registering a trademark "Germany" for candy, or the colors of the German flag.
Just like Bitcoin, this is just a public interest. And just like Bitcoin, candy makers should be stopped from creating an exclusive right in a word (Germany) that has achieved fame based on something different from their own efforts.
However, there is no such ground for refusal right now for "Bitcoin".
That means two things.
For one, every immoral actor around can race other sleazy scumbags to get a piece of the action. There are lots of goods where using the famous "Bitcoin" phrase might make sense for marketing purposes. Whoever gets his registration first will profit from the fame created by others.
And in the longer term, the Regulation should be changed and terms that "have a reputation in the Union" should be off limits for registration, even if there is no trademark owner of them.
(Cross-posted from my blog with links removed).
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Did anyone bother to look if other coins had their name or symbol trademarked? I quick Google search showed me bitcoin had this.

I didn't search much but maybe instead of all that fuzz everyone made. We should just look at other more established coins. Lime our big brother bitcoin and see if they had similar problems. It looks line MtGox had a trademark on bitcoin. "To protect" the name.
Maybe we should all do some research to understand our alternatives, instead of shooting down companies who are interested in the coin. Or praising their move.
Maybe we should have already be aware of this like that before we started all this craziness.
Shibe on
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Apresentação Bit-moedas,Trader Com Robô Bitcoin .(100% Seguro Pela Bockchain) 4/11/14 - China, Mt. Gox buyout, Gyft Cloud, BIT, new bitcoin symbol 5/29/14 - First Bitcoin Scholarship, Dish Network teams with Coinbase, & Grátis Robô Trader Nova Versão 1.7 Bitcoin Ensino fazer a ... to accept Bitcoin -- Mt. Gox 1M Customers ...

Tibanne KK, the parent company of the now-bankrupt Japan-based bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, is currently searching for investors to buy the company’s trademark rights to the word “bitcoin”. MtGox plans sale of the \'bitcoin\' trademark IBTimes UK Bitcoin's recent surge in value, which saw its price rise by over $100 (£60) in under a week, has levelled off at around $570. The holding company of collapsed virtual currency exchange MtGox is looking to sell the trademark to the word Bitcoin, The Wall Street Journal said Wednesday. Someone on the #mtgox IRC channel pointed me to this. It seems to be an application by Tibanne Co. Ltd. for the Trademark name BITCOIN. I asked MagicalTux on #mtgox about it, but got no answer. W... MtGox had filed for bankruptcy protection in late February, a move that shook the crypto world and accentuated the decline of Bitcoin’s value. With claims that the company was mired in debts to the tune of 6.5 billion yen and that they had suffered additional losses of a much disputed “misplacing” of 850,000 Bitcoins. Mt. Gox later announced that they had apparently located approximately ...

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Apresentação Bit-moedas,Trader Com Robô Bitcoin .(100% Seguro Pela Bockchain)

Someone is buying TONS of #BITCOIN and it’s NOT who you think. Mike Novogratz compares crypto hype to a drug, Swiss Bitcoin ETP volume up massively, analyzing market cycles and psychology, more ... mtgox bitcoin trademark bitcoin trade bot bitcoin trade bot free bitcoin trade bot linux bitcoin trade bot reviews bitcoin trading bot open source bitcoin trading bot python bitcoin trading bot ... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Robô trade bitcoin Download link: _____ Bit-Moedas cadastro: link: _____... mtgox bitcoin trademark bitcoin trade bot bitcoin trade bot free bitcoin trade bot linux bitcoin trade bot reviews bitcoin trading bot open source bitcoin trading bot python bitcoin trading bot ...