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Bitcoind.exe in Armory crashes

Hi All,
Running Windows 8 64-bit, Armory v0.9.32-beta-85959b20d8, Core Bitcoin v0.10.2.
Armory loads up just fine, and using Process Explorer (Sysinternals tool), I am able to see ArmoryQT.exe as the parent thread with bitcoind.exe as one child thread (which has a conhost.exe child thread) and another child thread for guardian.exe (which also has a conhost.exe child thread) This is how it looks:
Now, as soon as I load Armory, the wallet consistency check passes and then it's stuck in "Initializing Bitcoin Engine" with no progress at all (just the rotating grey/green wheel) - then about 15 minutes later, I'll notice that the bitcoind.exe process and its child disappear. Guardian.exe is still running though.
Now, when I disabled Armory from controlling bitcoin, I can load Bitcoin-Qt.exe no problems, it syncs with the blockchain no issues, and Armory will phase in and out of being connected. Which is totally weird....like the rpc connection somehow gets lost and reconnects at random times. But, even when Armory shows it's connected, and Bitcoin-Qt.exe shows that's it's fully synced with the blockchain, it doesn't update any transaction info in Armory at all. Now, I can see in the blockchain that my last few transactions already have 38 confirmations, but Armory still shows that there are 0 confirmations and that the transaction hasn't hit the blockchain yet. Obviously this isn't true.
So, I turn to y'all for some help and guidance....I've scoured their forums, and I've tried all the suggestions, so I'm turning now to the trusted reddit community for some insight and help.
Any ideas?! I mean, I could probably just backup my wallet, uninstall both armory and bitcoin, then do a clean install, then wait a month for the blockchain to sync, but I'd prefer to have to avoid this if that's AT ALL possible.
Also, not sure if this is relevant, but even though the blockchain is synced, shortly before bitcoind.exe goes out of commission (only when run through Armory, bitcoin never crashes when loaded separately) the cpu % for that process spikes to about 45-70% for a few minutes, which sounds like it's processing headers and what not, and then just poops out.
I have a quad-core AMD A6-3600 - not the BEST but not the worst either....
Ok, help....please....
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